About RunUP

RunUP is a fully-equipped advertising and publishing company devoted to providing high-quality services in design, printing, and publication. RunUP has professional teams in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Beijing, China. Trustworthy and dependable, RunUP is committed to dreaming with you!

RunUP can offer you a full range of services, from planning and design, to printing and publication. We are equipped with the most advanced German Heidelberg color offset printing production line, as well as a well-managed, clean warehouse, a rapid-logistic transportation system, an expert consulting team, and strategic printing partners in China and the United States.

RunUP has more than 15 years of successful printing and publication experience in China. Our categorized products include: business cards, general and personalized envelopes, posters, brochures, promotional flyers, books, magazines, exhibition catalogs, signs, and more. Some of our major customers are China Construction Bank, China First Automobile Manufacture –Volkswagen Branch, China Post Services, Easyhome Home Building Material Supply Group, Beijing Science Park Development Group, Hua-nai Home Builders Group and Beijing Second Commerce Group, along with many others. RunUP would love to partner with you as well.

RunUP has always followed strict quality-assurance procedures during its past 15 years of operation. Step-by-step measures are taken to ensure the quality of each and every product, including but not limited to: draft planning, market investigation, planning, confirmation, approval, executive planning, format layout, 1-to-1 sampling and comparison, pre-printing confirmation, final approval, printing, binding inspection, and storage and transportation. At RunUP, quality is our top priority!

RunUP also provides specialized project team services. A project team will be formed in accordance with your special requirements, with team members consisting of experts from the departments of customer service, technical support, production and operations, and accounting, all working together to ensure that your needs will be met. RunUP will keep customer communication channels clear to ensure that we remain closely connected throughout the entire production process. RunUP saves you time and money!


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