Cross-cultural cooperation

RunUP has a professional design team in China, owns advanced, high quality German printing equipment, state-of-the-art warehouse and logistic system, and more than 15 year’s operation experience. RunUP America is proficient in both Oriental and Western cultures. We can help you from all circumstances in the area of book publication and business advertisement.


Multi-dimensional planning

RunUP dreams with you together! You write your story, from sparks of wisdom to life testimony, short or long. We will wrap it up with our professionalism and help you to make your dream become true! RunUP helps you editing your dreams!


Full package delivery

Book publishing: RunUP will present the book authors a detailed publication plan including book design, sophisticated typesetting, market promotion and book distribution. RunUP helps you to build up your dream!


Market promotion

RunUP provides market promotion plan for both United States and China market, from the Internet sales to real book stores sales, from nationwide church connections to the word of mouth. RunUP shares your dream with the world!

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